Large marking effort in Norrbotten almost finished

2016-03-03 10:01

Sen January a major moose marking effort takes place in Norrbotten. Neck collars from the four reference areas (Tjåmotis, Arvidsjaur, Niemisel, Ängesån) are removed, re-conditioned and moved to four new areas (Svappavaara, Haparanda Kalix, Junosuando, Lina River). This means that our field staff and the veterinarian are busy. Moose which neck collars should be removed, are searched by helicopter and anesthetized. Neck collars are re-conditioned by emptying it of all data and replace the battery. When all the collars are taken off, the field staff and the veterinarian move to a new area to new-mark moose with the help of the helicopter. At the marking of a new moose, we collect a lot of data to get information about the given moose (for example, we take body measurements, as well as blood and hair samples).