Calving season 2016

2016-05-16 13:46

The vegetation period has started in southern Sweden and the first moose calves of the year are born.

In the reference area Öster Malma (Sörmland) the first calves of the GPS-marked moose cows are born May 13th – cow F5843 got twins with a weight between 12.7 kg (female calf) and 13.5 kg (male calf).

In the reference area Växjö (Kronobergs county) the first calves are born May 6th by the cow F5877 that gave birth to twins. So far six different calving by the GPS-marked cows have been registered.

In the reference area on the island Öland the annual calving season has started first with the first calves born May 1st. Cow "Cementa" gave birth to twins too. So far seven calving have been registered on Öland.