Calving in Norrbotten 2016

2016-05-24 10:00

The calving season has started in Norrbotten.

As we wrote earlier, in March this year we moved the tracking devices from the reference areas "Arvidsjaur", "Tjåmotis", "Niemisel" and "Ängesån" to four new areas: "Haparanda / Kalix," "Junosuando", "Gällivare" and "Svappavaara". For the new reference areas there no resources to document in the field the number of calves that have been born. But with the help of position data by the moose cow that are received, we can analyze whether, when and where calving occurs as the cows change their movement behavior distinctively when they give birth. By studying the cow's movement patterns, we can thereby determine the calving time with a few hours of precision, and specify the location of the calving of a few meters. The Map page displays calving sites as a dense collection of positions that differ clearly from the collection of points that occur during the moose movement during foraging.


Until today, we have seen signs of calving in all four areas


Haparanda / Kalix: first out was HK F1293 that calved probably 11th of May. We see signs of four more calving. In addition, there may be one more calving, but here the change in movement patterns is less distinct and thus has some uncertainty.


Junosuando: First was JU F1893 which calved May 20th. Two days later calved JU F4985. In addition, we see signs of 2-4 more calving of which one already at May 13th. But for all these last named calving, the moose cows showed less clear changes in their movement patterns, resulting in some uncertainty whether they actual calved or not.


Gällivare: one calving so far - F1920 GA calved May 22nd.


Svappavaara: first calving by EN F4403 May 14th and a second one by EN F4423 at May 18th or 19th


Nikkaluokta: No calving has been observed so far