Population Öster Malma

In February 2009, 25 moose were marked in the area (5 bulls and 20 cows). In January 2010, additional seven moose were marked in order to replace those we had lost in 2009. As for the reference area "Växjö", Öster Malma is very exciting not only with respect to the moose and forestry issues, but also with respect to the fact that different ungulates co-exist in the area (multi-species system), as well as for issues concerning wildlife and traffic. In early 2012, additional 39 moose (29 cows and 10 bulls) were marked in order to replace some of the losses in 2010-2011 and to expand the research effort in this reference area. At the beginning of 2016, a total of 75 adult moose (57 cows, 18 bulls) has been marked in the area, and we have been able to document the birth and survival of 107 calves of the year.


Please follow this link to track the moose in the Öster Malma area


Öster Malma Map