Västerbotten, Sweden/Norway mountains

During the winter of 2003, 25 moose cows were marked with GPS collars and the project has been done in cooperation with the County Administrative Board in Västerbotten, the landowners group, and the Swedish Association for Hunting and Wildlife Management in Västerbotten. Annually, the neck collars were moved between individuals in areas around Åsele (2003/2004), Nordmaling (2004/2005), Hällnäs (2005/2006) and Mala (2006/2007). Focus was on the study of home ranges, migration behavior, and reproduction. In total, 102 different moose were marked. In November / December 2004, we started a project within the program "Moose in MidScandia" which was a collaboration between Sweden and Norway. The project officially ended in 2007. Here, moose were marked in three different areas around the Swedish / Norwegian border; kring Krutfjell, Krokstrand, and Skalmodal. Markings in this project differed from the markings in all the other areas, because moose were marked in their summer ranges (i.e., in the mountains). One reason for this was the need for better knowledge about the proportion of moose that moved during the winter to the Norwegian and Swedish forests, as well as information about home range and habitat utilization.